Meet the Team

Alison, she/her

photo of a female with short black and green hair


Scientist and artist, pansexual, gender queer woman, still coming to terms with her gender.

"I genuinely didn't know gender was a feeling. I was just always refered to as she, I didn't question it. I've had a handful of moments in my life that I've felt like a woman or man. The majority of the time I'm nonbinary, and occasionally feel a gender. I'm comfortable being referred to as she, I feel seen by my friends and family for who I am, rather than by my gender specifically."

Alison has been making jewelry since 2011, and she's excited to put her skills to use with project pronouns.

Elle, she/her

girl will long dark hair


Web developer, mom, hemp jewelry maker, and self proclaimed comedian.

"I grew up in the LGBTQ+ community (I LOVE MY DADS!). I was forced to deal with bigotry towards the community from a young age, and I always wanted to be involved in some way to make a difference. These feelings became stronger when my, at the time, 10 year old discovered that they were bisexual, then later at 13, pansexual and nonbinary leaning heavily towards transgender. Most days they want to be referred to as he/him, sometimes they/them or she/her. I wanted to always be respectful no matter how frequently their pronouns changed throughout the day, so a friend recommended bracelets! When Alison came to me about going public with this idea, I knew it was fate. I'm beyond excited to start making a difference in our community, not just for my child, but for all youth."

Cat, she/they

person sitting on the side of a fountain with a red headband


Genderfluid, polysexual.

"I knew I liked women early on but didn’t come out until I was 30 when I had safe and supportive friends. I have always wanted to work with youth and LGBTQ youth especially. When Alison invited me to be a part of Project Pronouns I knew it was meant to be. Last year I married my husband, who is a transman. I started crafting when I was a kid, making beads and eventually learning to knit and crochet."